About Us
Partosanat company has succeeded in designing and producing "motor speed controller" or VFD variable speed drives since 1369, and during this time, it has upgraded its production drives according to the latest technology. The drives produced by this company up to 4000 kW with Vector Control technology are competitive with European products in a way that they are welcomed by other countries and are exported to countries such as Turkey and UAE. With the efforts of its technical engineers, this company succeeded in obtaining technical approvals according to the following standards:
EN 61800-3: 2012, Adjustable speed electrical power drive system- part 3 EMC requirements and specific test methods
EN 61800-5-1: 2007, Adjustable speed electrical power drive system- part 5-1 part: Safety requirements Electrical, Thermal and energy
For its products, it has also received the CE Certificate Of European Community - from the company "E.P.I.L." for its export products. Relying on R&D with the goals of obtaining modern knowledge and technology has always been the approach of this company and with this approach it has succeeded in meeting the needs of domestic industries such as oil and gas. By using its elite and experienced engineers and graduates, this company has established an economy based on knowledge and technology in converting knowledge into technology and then commercializing it while creating added value and creating jobs in our beloved country. The production inverters of this company have been installed and are being operated in all industries such as oil and gas industries, and with the capacity of producing forty thousand units per year with an area of over four thousand square meters in Tehran's Parand industrial town, it is the largest drive manufacturer in the Middle East. is.
This company has knowledge-based approval from the Vice President of Science and Fatauri for all its products and also participated in the project of 10 items of products manufactured within the Ministry of Petroleum and also in the vendor list of the products of South Oil Producing Regions Company, National Gas Company, and Spec Petrochemical Company. Oil Distribution and Refining Company, Oil Commodity Company, Oil Pipeline and Telecommunication Company and many other companies under the Ministry of Oil.